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When Change is Necessary for Good

We have held 5 Soul Restoration Retreats at our beautiful property in Melba, Id, but change has become necessary.
We recently chose to leave our farm because of the emotional trauma that our family has endured there. Andy and I seemed to be attempting recovery, but our children’s pain has become front and center in our lives. I read a quote recently that stated, You can not heal where your pain was created. We are finding this to be powerful truth. We had an opportunity to move and we took it.
I have reflected on how much I know and understand, as an adult, in our painful story. I know how hard Andy and I have worked on the Miracle Barn. I know every blister and dollar spent on building our dream home. I know the tears shed as we tried to love, only to be ridiculed and cast out. What does this look like in the eyes of a child? This is what we are learning now and it is a humbling lesson. Did you know that children have feelings too? That children have their own voices? That children require and deserve respect for what they have been through?

Late last year, in the fall of 2017, we heard our children’s voices. We did not realize that we had been muting their thoughts. Because of their love for us, they stayed quiet. My children knew how much Wonder Soul Farm meant to Andy and I and they were suffering in silence. We heard them express that they could never thrive and grow in a place where the family was victimized. We heard their tears and their disappointments and their anger.

Andy and I had a choice to make. What would it teach our children if we stayed because we built a barn? What would it teach our children if we stayed in a place where they do not feel safe? Abuse is never okay. Abandonment is never okay. My treasure is my children. I would live in a loving cardboard box before I would live in a heartless mansion. Love wins at my home, no matter where that home may be. Life is full and rich and wonderful because we are together.

I write this post in the hopes that my Wonder Soul Farm followers can support and understand why a change was necessary. For now, I will be holding Soul Restoration Retreats at various locations until Wonder Soul Farm can become a permanent destination.
Trust me when I say, Wonder Soul Farm is a place of rest, healing and connection. Wonder Soul farm is a state of mind and it travels, where I travel. Sending love your way. We are all in this together.

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