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Let’s Talk About My Family….

…Well, it’s your family too.  My “brother from another mother.” My “sister from another mister.” The family that has more in common than not.  The family that bleeds red and laughs and cries and sleeps and eats and poops. The family that lives on planet Earth.  Yes, I am talking about my Human Family.  Your Human Family. Hello brothers and sisters.

My sweetheart and I went on a late-night grocery shopping excursion last weekend.  After loading the car, I walked the shopping cart back to the front of the store.  Five or six fellow humans were there and among them was a small 10-year-old girl sitting on the stoop, who appeared to be alone.  Her head was resting on her knees that was tucked tightly against her chest.  She appeared to be hugging herself.  I looked around and this little girl seemed to be invisible to everyone around her.  I introduced myself and asked her if I could help her in any way.  She looked up at me with her innocent, wet eyes and said, “I want a better family. My family doesn’t love each other anymore.” I sat a comfortable distance from her and told her I wanted to stay with her until someone she knew came to get her.  She continued to cry and talk for the next 5 minutes. She let me know that her mom and step dad were actively fighting in the car and she can’t take it anymore.  Her mom came and was startled to see that someone was with her daughter. She did not address me, but I let her know that I had wanted to stay with her daughter until I knew that she was safe.  The little girl’s mother reprimanded her as they walked into the grocery store.  This charming little human stopped, looked straight at her mother and said, “Mom, you don’t get to be mean to somebody who was nice to me.” In that moment, I wanted to support this little one, as well as her mother.  They were both going through something really difficult and disappointing.

As a fellow human, I don’t need to know you to love you.  I don’t have to be your best friend to love you.  I can love you simply because you are walking through this human experience, just like I am. 

Let me ask you something, if you saw someone struggling to swim and yelling for help, what would you do?  What is your instinct as a human? You want to get help! You want to jump in and save them!  You wouldn’t yell with questions like, how much money does your family make?  What ethnicity are you?  What kind of job do you have? We want to save each other without question.  This is what the Human Family wants to do. Life is precious.


To save a life is to save all Humanity.


The current climate of social media is full of hate.  Hate is not something we are born with.  Hate is a product of instruction and life experiences.  Hate is a reaction to pain; we think it protects us. If someone or something hurts us, we hate it.  Let me give you an example. My young son was stung by a bee once and he then decided that he hated bees.   It is that simple.  Hate is a reaction, not a response. It is something we need to understand.  An adult reaction to hate might be murder, physical abuse, revenge, vengeance, terrorism, emotional abuse, bitterness etc.

What if we chose to respond to hate instead of reacting to it? It takes someone very brave to heal their hate or turn away from it, to dig down and ask themselves, why do I hate? When did my hate start? This is a way of responding to hate.  The fact is, if we continue hating, this poison is passed down through the generations. Nobody wants this for their children. We have to individually take responsibility for our hate.


Humanity is Good.


There is so much good in this world.  So much positivity.  Do not succumb to the distraction of hate.  We strengthen what we give our energy to. Don’t judge Humanity by single moments or social media.  Humanity is Good. When we give our energy to hate, it validates the bullies.  It strengthens the fears and gives it the power. It makes us shudder and hide and withdraw from hope.  Without hope, we die.  Has hate ever solved anything?  No.  Hate sleeps and creates more problems.  


“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.  Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” -Marie Curie


We have choices.  Everyday I wake up and I have a choice of how I’m going to conduct my day.  I will not keep my head down and live in a world full of hate and loathing.  I’m choosing Love.  I’m choosing light.  What would happen if we individually decided to respond to hate with LOVE?  This is a nice sentence, but it is a very personal question.  We, as the Human Family, are going through some heavy hurts right now.  We have the right to grieve and to be mad and to be confused.  We are overwhelmed and afraid at any given moment.  It is okay to sit in it and feel all the feelings.



I offer you a challenge.


When you are in your quiet place and you are tempted to hate, I offer you a challenge. I want you to have the courage to ask yourself, “What can love do?”  Through the tears and the screams, please yell “What can love do?”  Love will douse the fire of Hate.  It takes a lot of courage to stop hate, but I’ve seen remarkable courage.  Humanity is full of courage.  


My beloved brothers and sisters of my Human Family, we have the power to Love one another today.  Let us keep our hearts open and soft.  We are all in this together.

Sending Love Your Way,



“Life according to Amy”




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  1. Amy, I can see you put a LOT of thought into this, incredable and incredably well said…………I have been giving in to negativity lately, I needed to hear this. Thanks

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