Sarah Hodges

I have been immensely grateful for the opportunity I have had to participate in the Soul Restoration course! From a distance, I had observed others who had taken part in this phenomenal program, and I saw new LIFE and LIGHT in their souls, and I wanted some of that too! I could recognize within myself, that over the years, I had allowed difficult experiences and defining moments to change how I viewed myself. That perception influenced my decisions everyday, and I often felt that I wasn’t “good enough” and that I lacked the ability to accomplish all of the things my soul desired to do! Through Soul Restoration, I was able to identify the destructive lies I had believed about myself, and rediscover within, the truths about who I really am! I didn’t know what to expect when I embarked upon this journey, but I knew it was MY time to restore! It didn’t take long to start remembering who my soul really was,… before it started falling into disrepair. It felt wonderful to start letting go of the things that weighed me down, and to also have the tools to keep the restoration process going as I keep on living! I believe now, more than ever, that I AM capable of doing anything I set my mind to do. I am finally open to the incredible possibility of living a life without imposing self-limitations…THAT is what I call FREEDOM!

After Amy (and then later Andy) had completed Soul Restoration, I saw that something remarkable had taken place inside them! Actually, they were both outwardly RADIATING the transformation that had taken place on the inside! I was so anxious to get the opportunity to sit down with Amy and find out what she was doing! She and Andy are both such selfless people, and they are not the kind of individuals to keep this life changing experience all to themselves. I was so excited to hear about their plans for building Wonder Soul Farm! Their vision didn’t just stop at plans though. They believed in what they were doing so much that they put their own blood, sweat, and tears…and many sleepless nights into building a beautiful barn which resides on a picturesque hilltop at Wonder Soul Farm. It was easy for me to believe in something that invoked so much passion within them to be able to inspire others the way that they do. They inspired me. I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the very first Soul Restoration retreat at Wonder Soul Farm! Immediately, I felt accepted as I was and enveloped in LOVE. Amy is exceptional at making each person feel valued beyond measure and at ease as they participate. She pays attention to the smallest of details, which did not go unnoticed. I felt important to her, we all did. I never felt pushed, just compassionately guided through my “soul restoration” process. Amy carries light with her where ever she goes. She is real and hilarious, kind and comforting. She is a masterful instructor and you will treasure her immediately! I loved my experience at the retreat, I loved the women I met there, I loved having a safe place to share, I loved re-discovering who I was, and of course…I LOVED the FOOD! You have no idea how spoiled you will be! I know that you won’t regret taking a time-out for yourself to RESTORE at Wonder Soul Farm!

I am here at Wonder Soul Farm to help our guests feel as comfortable as possible. It is an honor for me to be part of the staff, and I am so excited to get to know you! I love the rest of the staff I will be serving alongside..and you will love them too! I consider it a great blessing to be part of something that is as life changing as this. You may see me as we gather together and learn as a group, you may see me with other staff serving at mealtime, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to see me with a guitar in my hands! That’s not something I would have ever guessed I’d be doing for large groups, which has certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone…(that is truly a testament to what Soul Restoration has done for me!) You will find that there is a wonderful connection that happens heart to heart through music. I look forward to making YOU feel as loved as I feel every time I visit Wonder Soul Farm!