Brandi Raass

Hello, my name is Brandi Raass (RAW-s not r-Ass, or RAYes 😊). I get to be a part of Amy’s team at Wonder Soul Farm. I get to learn and grow right along with all of the wonderful soul sisters that come out for healing. Each camp lends itself to new and exciting experiences and friendships. Whether it’s comforting a hurting heart, helping to find truth and inner peace, or just making sure any behind the scenes set-up/clean-up goes smooth and seamless I am ready and willing to share of my time and talents.

As long as I live I will never forget my first experience with Soul Restoration. Within my adult life I have survived epilepsy, step-parenting, Postpartum Depression, alcoholism, abuse, separation, financial crisis, infidelity, temporary homelessness, and so much more. However, of all my struggles the one I have battled the hardest is with my own self-worth. Even when my sweet husband sincerely tells me he loves me I can’t help but think to myself, “Why, who in the world would love THIS hot mess!” It has been crippling over the years, and aging has really taken its toll on me. I don’t recognize the “me” that I see when I look into the mirror. On the last day of Soul Restoration we took a little break just before dinner and I went to go freshen up in the restroom while the other ladies were mingling, and something truly amazing happened that I immediately came out and wrote down in my Restoration Journal.

“I just took a bathroom break and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I wasn’t disgusted. It has been a long time that I have hated myself and wished I could just ‘get a face transplant’ my face is sagging, there are lines that never used to be there, it just isn’t me, not at all. Today I saw ME, and I smiled. I enjoyed what I saw. It choked me up. My eyes started to leak a little (okay, a lot). Today I am happy on the inside and it is showing on the outside.”

I know that there wasn’t a magical physical transformation that occurred that week. Nothing about my appearance had changed, but everything about my countenance did. When that happened, I couldn’t help but be mentally drawn to all of the people in my circle that I felt NEEDED . Interestingly the majority of the people my heart was being drawn to were those that, over the years, I had written off in my life because of one offense or another. They needed this just as badly as I did, and now I had an obligation to share it with them. They weren’t miserable because they wanted to be. They were miserable because, like me, they were missing something on the inside.