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We are Andy and Amy Hafen, facilitators of Melody Ross' Soul Restoration Curriculum.  Every facilitator you meet has a story that has led them to feel called to hold sacred space for this work.  I encourage anyone who is reading this to please take the Soul Restoration Curriculum, whether online at bravegirlsclub.com, or closest to wear you live.  You will find a directory here.  There are different price points and we pray one can become a reality for you. Everyone is welcome at Wonder Soul Farm, but our wish is for you to feel the hope and joy we have found through this course.   It is an uplifting and wonderful way to live. 

Here is our Story:

Andy and I have been married almost 18 years.  We have 3 beautiful children that have tried us, stretched us, but mostly blessed us.  They are our world.  In June of 2012 we made a move that we thought would be our permanent home.  As time went by we realized that we were becoming house poor.  We had done our due diligence in researching the home, but we discovered that we had been naive and a bit too trusting.  My health was also failing me and we did not understand why.  We made the decision to sell our dream home and lighten our financial burdens.   The sell of this home gave us enough equity to make a leap out to the property in Melba, ID, which we now call Wonder Soul Farm.  We moved in June of 2014.  Little did I know I would be having emergency surgery to save my life. Apparently my gall bladder was done.  The Doctor told me I should be dead.  We felt very grateful that we listened to that quiet truth that told us to move. 

We were so excited to start a beautiful life in the country.  There was one catch, which I didn't see as a problem. We were buying my husband's parent's place, with the idea, that all physical burden could be taken off them and they could still enjoy the country.  My kids were up for the adventure.  We finally got a dog and had wide open spaces to jump and play.

In June of 2015 I went to a Brave Girls Retreat and took the Soul Restoration Curriculum.  It reacquainted me with powerful  tools I've had all along, but had forgotten with life's challenges. It helped me heal past heart aches.  It gave me bravery and courage to pursue dreams I had been putting off because of fear and insecurities. It showed me how to forgive without diminishing my hurt. It taught me how to rest. It was an experience that I didn't even know I needed, yet it has altered my life for the good.  It was earth moving for me.  Soul Restoration was a rope that kept me from falling, as the next 2 years of my life crumbled beneath me. Andy went to Man Camp in November of 2016 and it helped sustain him through the heart break that we were about to face.

It wasn't long until Andy and I realized that we were part of a situation that wasn't healthy.   We had pure intent of serving our loved ones, but we forgot to factor in a lot of different variables.  Taking the Soul Restoration course even helped me forgive myself for underestimating a difficult emotional situation. We had felt good about the call to serve our in laws, but now we had to figure out how to keep our little ones emotionally safe and happy.  It is so easy to get stuck in sadness and despair, but we knew life was too good to focus on the negative that was going on around us.

In December of 2016 Andy and I both became Soul Restoration Certified Instructors.  We continued to work through the hard things of life and constantly asked for guidance from our Truth Teller.  Then the Miracle of the Barn happened.  We can both say, in all honesty, that without the building of the barn, we would have sold this property.  We have felt unsafe, betrayed, hated, hurt, and abused on this land.  How do you decide to keep a property  that represents so much trauma? We are now in the healing stages of our story. We have held 3 retreats at Wonder Soul Farm, so far, and each one has brought miracles.  There is a sacredness to land where hard things happen.

At my April retreat my eyes were opened to a personal miracle.  The location of our group photo, beneath the big beautiful sky, something really hard happened to my family.  When I see this spot now,  I only think of love and healing and growth.  The land is thanking us for staying and holding safe space for fellow souls to rise from the ashes of their hard times.

Please Join Us.  When we come together, great healing can be accomplished.


Andy & Amy

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