As a young child, I dreamed of the many adventures I might pursue in my life.  At one time, I wanted to be an astronaut and a ballerina.  I could be whatever I chose to become.  As I aged, my aspirations and self worth hinged on what others thought of me.  Slowly, but surely, I found myself powerless.  Searching for someone else to carry me.  Someone else to hide behind, so I could not be seen.  Quietly, staying in the shadows of my own life, so my tender heart wouldn't be hurt.  After I completed the Soul Restoration Curriculum, by Melody Ross of Brave Girls Club, my world opened up.  I realized that my tender heart was actually one of my greatest super powers!  Being able to be vulnerable and have empathy for my fellow man became a power instead of  a weakness. I could see my future again and it was BRIGHT!  

 I have the blessing of  facilitating Soul Restoration .  If you are ready to dust off your cape and rediscover your Super Powers, please join me at an upcoming retreat. 

-Love to you all, we are all in this together

Amy Hafen

Join Us June 12th - 15th, 2018 for our next Retreat.

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When Change is Necessary for Good

We have held 5 Soul Restoration Retreats at our beautiful property in Melba, Id, but change has become necessary. We recently chose to leave our farm because of the emotional trauma that our family has endured there. Andy and I seemed to be attempting recovery, but our children’s pain has become front and center in […]

Let’s Talk About My Family….

…Well, it’s your family too.  My “brother from another mother.” My “sister from another mister.” The family that has more in common than not.  The family that bleeds red and laughs and cries and sleeps and eats and poops. The family that lives on planet Earth.  Yes, I am talking about my Human Family.  Your […]

What does an apology look like?

I have been fighting a personal battle for some time. I am part of a group of people who love each other, but have found themselves in a massive misunderstanding. Feelings have been hurt and communication has ceased. Completely stopped. I have had to come to some very hard realities in this point of my […]